20 Jun

Web hosting Australian vs US

Assuming you are an Australian based business, meaning that most of your audience is located in Australia, there would be 4 main reasons to host with an Australian web hosting provider rather than a US based web hosting company.

1. Speed

So if information travels theoretically at the speed of light (which is pretty darn fast), it still has to move from point a to point b.

It is 100% true that Australian hosted websites will be faster for an Australian audience. The same is true for US based websites being faster in the US.

2. Search Engine Ranking

Search engines know where your website is hosted because of your web server’s unique IP Address… Because of the sheer amount of information available on the internet, they do their best to match a search with the most relevant results, this means that being hosted locally in Australia will make you more relevant to Australian based searches.

3. Local Support

It’s nice to get support during “normal” hours, and to speak with someone who isn’t based in a call centre in overseas. It also makes sense to do business with a company who operates under the same laws as you. The Department Of Fair Trading in Australia protects consumers from getting ripped off. If however you are dealing with a US company, it can make it extremely difficult to resolve any disputes when all they need to do it not respond.

4. Australian Economy

Why would you send your money overseas when you have an opportunity to support the Australian Economy. Australian Hosting is better suited for Australian audiences, and for all the reasons above, it makes sense.

My-Cloud.Agency is a hosting provider Made in Australia, for Australians.  go to my-cloud.agency to find out more

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