24 Jun

SMB Websites that exceed…

We should look back on the last 5 years to see what was missing for SMB owners, they could not re lye on the website to generate a SALE !, it just seemed possible and yet many experienced the lack of results.

In 1993 we got told that a website would be the future of business, that an online presence was a must have. Governments and International companies spent Millions, they had expectations and then we saw very little do more than inform the public of “What is going on”.Today we have much more  and it works, fimg-slide4.pngull access to the client database with hundreds of features that manage the Sales pipeline, information on every aspect of the business that is required, tools to add and manage the content of the site and more.

So if you are a SMB (Small to Medium Business) owner and need to get on the Cloud, we can discuss who would be a perfect fit and what you should expect. We will provide a Account Manager and Creative Director from the My-Designer team, you can expect to be supported in making smart choices and get a clear map for the content and how to manage or get managed.

Further details will be provided after you register, online introductions are also available to explain every element of your project.



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